Just a pleasure to work with

My husband and I bought a townhouse in Parksville with the help of Miranda Scott. She was just fantastic. On the other hand, we were horrible clients. We went from wanting one thing one day to a totally different thing the next and she just rolled with it and was such a tremendous help to us. After our offer was accepted by the seller, she guided us through the inspection, setting us up with a great home inspector and has been on the ball for all the necessary paperwork. Her partner Melissa also was super helpful to us when Miranda was out of town. Just a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend Miranda and will be sure to contract with her in any of our future real estate needs. Thanks Miranda and Melissa! -Jo Ann Lawrence


There are professionals that, once you work with them, you can’t imagine working with anyone else. My doctor, hairdresser, lawyer, Miranda is now in that pool as well. We were so fortunate to find her. Her honest approach, exceptional attention to detail and genuine interest in wanting the experience to be a positive one was felt throughout the process. We relied on her for advise, guidance and support and at every turn she provided us with the comfort that we were being looked after. We are grateful and can’t thank her enough for all her hard work. We love our new home!”  ~ Shaune T.

My wife and I were impressed by her knowledge

Miranda Scott is a terrific realtor. My wife and I were impressed by her knowledge of the local market, her attention to detail, and especially her commitment to getting the best deal possible. Even now, several months after our purchase decision, she continues to enthusiastically help us gather information for the insurance company and negotiate last minute things with the sellers. Next time we buy or sell in the Parksville area, we’ll be using Miranda as our realtor. You should, too. -Markham Hislop

Oceanside Life Realty is highly recommended

Listing our home with Miranda and her team has been a great experience. She took all the stress out of selling a house. Very professional, and offers the personal experience and hard work that one desires when listing a home. Miranda’s knowledge and experience has made the whole process easy and successful. Thank you to Miranda and Melissa for all your help and kindness. Oceanside Life Realty is highly recommended. -Brad Shadlock

The Subtle Art of Hygge

I’ve always found January to be a bit of a no-man’s land of a month. There’s so little going on in comparison to the bustle of December, and I haven’t yet started to feel February’s giddy promise of spring. It’s just winter. Cold, boring winter. Maybe I’m suffering from an emotional holiday hangover? The holiday dust has settled, party dresses put away, elaborate feasts but a delicious memory, and visiting relatives have gone home. The tree has been taken down, decorations put away, and the pine needle/glitter debris swept up. The lack of ornamentation around the house, and social events on the calendar, gives me simultaneous feelings of freedom and loneliness.

After all of December’s grand festivities perhaps January is a time to focus on the little joys, the small gratitudes, and subtle beauty that surrounds me. Perhaps January will be my month to practice the Danish art of Hygge.

Hygge, pronounced “Hue-Geh”, is a Danish word used to describe a feeling of cozy contentment and a sense of well-being while enjoying the simple things in life. Hygge has been a part of Danish culture since the1800’s and was presumed to have been created as a soothing balm for the soul during their long, cold winters.

Hygge can be experienced anytime, anywhere, with anyone, and only requires one’s conscious appreciation…a certain awareness of one’s surroundings…and the ability to not just be present, but to recognize and savour the present moment.

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OSFI sets new mortgage rules, including stress test for uninsured borrowers

Canada’s top banking regulator has published the final version of its new mortgage rules, which include a requirement to “stress test” borrowers with uninsured loans to ensure they could withstand higher interest rates.

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) released new guidelines for the mortgage industry on Tuesday. The regulator floated a similar version of these rules earlier this summer in draft form, but Tuesday’s release makes them official as of Jan. 1.

Among the major new rules is a requirement to stress test uninsured borrowers. Previously, only insured borrowers had to undergo such a test.

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